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About Raaja


Healer Raaja is a qualified Acupuncturist, who spent 4 years studying Acupuncture, from the very basics to the advanced stages. He has also done his Master’s in Yoga and Naturopathy. The knowledge he gathered with the philosophies of Acupuncture and Naturopathy was dedicated to heal people effectively. This further, inspired him to learn about other therapeutic methodologies like Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Distant healing methods.

Being a strong believer of "Power of Subconscious Mind" turned him as an "Alpha Siddha". These remarkable qualities took him to the higher levels, to attain pure wisdom about "Law of Attraction", which is the power of universe. He always mentions "Law of Attraction's" power and miracles to be his assistant healers and patients. Gradually, he is becoming the miracles icon of the "Law of Attraction".

The notable quality of Healer Raaja is "character analyzing diagnosis" through the philosophies of Acupuncture. From a person's character he can diagnose the disease or internal problems of the individual. The method has now become popular and has been branded as his diagnosing method, which assured better results to his patients. He strongly believes that character analyzing and pulse diagnosing are the best tools to make a diagnosis. It is with these practices that he is seeing newer heights of success in every moment of his consultation.

Another attractive quality of Healer Raaja is, he can converse fluently in several Indian regional languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and in the most commonly used language, English too. This is an important quality a healer must acquire who heals large number of people from different localities. When patients converse in their own language, they can discuss their problems at more ease and thus, share a comfortable ratio with Healer Raaja.

Healer Raaja's patient-care team is quite brilliant too. He is the only Acupuncturist who has qualified and certified Acu Healers as his assistants to ensure post-treatment patient care. This helps the patients a lot, as they can easily clear their doubts and confusions. The assistants have been individually trained by Healer Raaja, for supportive supervision of his patients.

On the whole, Healer Raaja is a visionary Acupuncturist. His vision and mission is to give the people of this world a wonderful therapy of healing for their physical and mental well-being. He has committed his life to save the world and make it free of synthetic medicines and drugs. His personal and moral support is, Healer Mrs. R. Vittya who accompanies him on this great journey. She is also a qualified and vastly experienced Acupuncturist and completed master's in Human Psychology. As well as who specializes in many aspects about all kind of women health disorders.

Acupuncture Life Science Consultants

  • Healer P Raaja,M.Sc(Y.N)., M.Acu.,AD.Acu.,
  • Healer Mrs R Vittya, M.Sc(psy).,M.Acu.,AD.Acu.,