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Why we should not consume milk?

  • Milk is among our main foods, given without restriction to children and elderly. Is milk a food? Yes! It is food to the one it was created for.
  • When a child is born, milk is secreted from the mother’s breast. This food is only the child. Is there any limit for its intake? Certainly, there is. Mother’s milk is required till the milk teeth grow. Thereafter, solid foods have to be increased gradually, reducing mother’s milk.
  • When calf is born, the cow secretes milk. This is only for the calf. We take it away from the calf and drink it, as well as feed our children.
  • A glass of milk equals four full meals. We gulp down a full meal without hunger and take a glass of milk too. Is there a better way to hold up our digestion?
  • Modern scientist’s exact view says that, after digestion of cow’s milk, one thing is left – caseinogens (a membrane). Human’s body does not have the energy to digest this membrane, say scientists. Who has the energy to digest casein? The calf! Drinking calf’s milk or saturated milk will harm us.