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A Natural Approach to Ulcers

A more rational and effective approach is necessary for treating ulcer.  The natural approach to healing ulcers is to first identify and then eliminate or reduce all factors that can contribute to their development. Once these factors have been controlled or eliminated, the focus is directed at healing the ulcers and promoting tissue resistance.  This includes drinking cabbage juice, eating a healthful diet high in fiber and low in allergenic foods, and incorporating an effective stress reduction plan.

The natural approach may also involve eating more fruits, eating when you have real hungry, drink enough water when you are having real thirst, and taking rest when your body needs. And more detailed informations are following in this article.

  • Eliminate food allergies.  Strange as it may seem, clinical and experimental evidence points to food allergy as a primary cause of ulcers.  The link between allergy and ulcers has been investigated in several studies.  In one study, 98 percent of patients with radiographic evidence of ulcers had coexisting lower and upper respiratory tract allergic disease.  In another, 25 of 43 allergic children had X-ray-diagnosed ulcers.  A diet that eliminates food allergies has been used with great success in treating and preventing recurrent ulcers.

    Food allergy is also consistent with the high recurrence rate of ulcers.  If food allergy is the cause, the ulcers will continue to recur until the offending food or foods are eliminated from the diet.  Ironically, many people with ulcers soothe themselves by drinking a lot of milk, a highly allergenic food.  (See the Allergiessection of the NaturoDoc Library for information on how to control or even eliminate allergies.)

  • Increase fiber intake.  A high-fiber diet is associated with a reduced rate of duodenal ulcers.  The therapeutic use of a high-fiber diet in patients with recently healed duodenal ulcers can reduce the recurrence rate by half.  This is probably a result of fiber's ability to promote a healthy protective layer of mucin in the stomach and intestines.

  • Stop smoking.  Another factor strongly linked to ulcers is smoking.  Increased frequency of ulcers, decreased response to therapy, and an increased mortality due to ulcers are all related to smoking.

  • Reduce stress and emotional factors.  Many people consider stress an important factor in ulcer development.  However, this belief is based on uncontrolled observations.  In medical literature, the role of stress is controversial.  Men and women with ulcers seem to have distinctly different psychological profiles.  In addition, several studies show the number of stressful, life events is not significantly different between ulcer patients and ulcer-free controls.  This data suggests the individual's response to stress, rather than the amount of stress, is the significant factor.

  • Emphasize specific nutrients.  Vitamins A and E have been shown to inhibit the development of stress ulcers in animals and are recognized as important factors in maintaining the integrity of the digestive tract lining.  According to clinical studies in humans, zinc also has a protective effect against ulcers.