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Common Cold

Cold affects the body when the immune system is damaged or weak. We all know how painful a cold can be, with a congested nose and chest, ringing in the ears, fever and chills. Naturopathic medicine strives for balance and a natural way to approach disease. Rather than mask your symptoms with chemicals and over-the-counter medications, naturopathic treatments aim to kick-start the body’s own defenses naturally and boost immunity using healthy food, water and juices, vitamins and herbs, and natural techniques to promote decongestion.

The body needs lots of water all the time, and especially when it has a cold. Purified or spring water helps flush your system of toxins, hydrates your body, gives you energy, and keeps your body supple. Drink lots of water, fresh vegetable juice, and herbal teas, and drink fruit juice in moderation. Drink hot liquids, such as chamomile tea, broth and soup, to relieve the throat and nasal congestion.

A nasal wash may not sound appealing, but it clears the nasal passages gently and naturally using warm water. With a specially designed pitcher and a saline solution or solution with colloidal silver added, wash the nasal passages by pouring water into one nostril and allowing it to release through the other. Ask a naturopathic doctor or a yoga therapist to help you perform a nasal wash correctly the first few times.

The best way for the body to fight off a cold is to employ its own internal immune system and natural defenses. Some say that over-the-counter cold relievers (not cold curers) cover up the symptoms of a cold, provide only temporary relief, and may actually hinder the body’s ability to fight off the cold. You may end up suffering more than if you took no action at all. Naturopathy aims to allow the body to heal itself by activating the body’s own defense mechanisms using nutrients, vitamins, and herbs. Naturopathy also offers nonchemical methods of relieving congestion, such as steam inhalation.