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Health and Acupuncture

Indian acupuncture is a scientific and holistic method of treatment. Disease is nothing but stagnation of (morbid matter) accumulated waste in the body and obstruction of energy flow in the acupuncture (meridians) channels. The dysfunctions of five major internal organs are responsible for the stagnation of waste in the body. By finding the weakness organs and treating through acupuncture point in the energy channel.

We can regain health by helping the waste, which are responsible for the disease, to be removed from the body.

Laboratory tests such as blood glucose,  urine, motion, sperm phlegm and all other types of  scan reports,  x rays are not at all necessary.  As well as  all kind of medicines like  tablets, capsules, injections, tonic etc., are also not necessary. Whether the disease is in initial stage or final stage, Indian acupuncture rectifies the malfunctions of the body and gives complete cure for the patient.

More than 5000 years ago Acupuncture originated in china and has been followed completely as well.  From the beginning of 20th century, Acupuncture started to spread to countries like America, Japan, Srilanka, etc, Acupuncture was welcomed all over the world.

Indian Acupuncture is a constructive method of treatment which aims at removing the basic cause of the disease through rational use of the elements freely available in nature. It is not only a system of healing, but also a way of life, a complete revolution in the art and science of living.
It is wrong to understand Indian Acupuncture as the acupuncture practiced by Indians.   Acupuncture system understanding the body on basis of Indian philosophies is the Indian acupuncture.

Presence of life is invisible. Activity of life is invisible. We can only feel or sense its presence by the external signs and we cannot see it. The root cause of a disease also is invisible. So also is the energy which cures it. As such, to have faith on invisible things that can be felt is the basis of Indian acupuncture.

Giving treatment to the root cause of a disease rather than giving treatment to the symptoms of the disease is the method of treatment in the Indian acupuncture. Rectifying the root cause is the only way to eradicate the disease. It is enough that we stimulate the natural life energy of the body to remove the disease. The body’s defense force – the immunity power will look after the eradication of the disease. The method of treatment to give this stimulation requires only a single needle or a touch.

The first basic principle of Indian acupuncture is that all forms of disease are due to the same cause, namely, the accumulation of waste materials.

The second basic principle is that all acute diseases such as fevers, colds, inflammations, digestive disturbances and skin eruptions are nothing more than self-initiated efforts on the part of the body to throw off the accumulated waste materials and that all chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, rheumatism, asthma, kidney disorders, are the results of continued suppression of the acute diseases through harmful methods such as drugs, vaccines, narcotics and gland extracts.

The third basic principle is that the body contains an elaborate healing mechanism which has the power to bring about a return to normal condition of health; provided right methods are employed to enable it do so. In other words, the power to cure the disease lies within the body itself only.


Important features of Indian Acupuncture :
Acupuncture treatment means, through inducing the outer skin surface of our body with a thin needle or fingers, all those possible diseases that could occur in our body and their root cause are removed, and it’s a medical practice that makes us realize the life science of prevention of disease.

Acupuncture is a scientific method of treatment. Disease is nothing but the stagnation of morbid matter (waste) in the body and obstruction of energy flow in the Acupuncture channel.
Morbid elimination philosophy is a unique feature of the Indian acupuncture. (Morbid means any wastes in the form of heat, gas, and liquid, solid). Of the Indian tradition, Naturopathy and Siddha are based on the morbid elimination philosophy.
With the imbalance of Pancha Bhoodhas, changes takes place in the functioning of the body, so the internal organs are affected. Five element energies do not imbalance on their own. Generation alone is their natural feature.

Because of nature violating habits by the human being morbid is stagnated in the internal organs, and the internal organs get weakened. Due to this weakness of the organs, the malfunctioning of the body and imbalance of five elements happen.
All the organs, the heart, spleen, lung, kidney, and Liver, the five royal organs and the five elements in the body, that were accepted by all the medicines, can be examined by acupuncture pulse, and can level the disorders in the body, is the distinctive feature of this treatment.
Further its important:

  •  This heals completely all kinds of diseases from head to toe that affects everyone from children to adult.  
  •  Not only is the symptom of the disease, but also the disease is completely cured.
  •  It is used as a preventive treatment of all diseases
  •  It easily cures all that diseases which were not cured by other system of medicines and also all kinds of chronic diseases.
  • Mental illness is the main cause of many diseases. Acupuncture mends the bad emotions (Psycho Somatic Disorder) and heals the body as a whole.

Infringement of nature of life and infection of disease :

Because of infringement of nature, internal organs become week and the wastes get accumulated.
They are:-

Suppression of hunger and thirst :

Suppressing the natural hunger can cause, instability of the body, confusions, stomachache, shrinkage of intestines, wheezing, tiredness in face, joint pains etc.

Suppression of sleep:

Suppression of sleep will cause heaviness in the head, eye pain, giddiness, dumbness, ulcer, speech etc.

Suppression of sperm:

Suppression of sperm can cause fever with joint pain, chest pain, and diabetes and gastritis problems.

Suppression of urine:

By suppressing urine, we will get ulcers in the urinary tract, joint pains and gastric problems.

Suppression of vomiting and sneezing:

By suppressing vomiting, sneezing all the five sense organs will get affected.

  •  Drink water when you feel thirsty.
  •  Don’t drink water when there is no thirst.
  •  Eat when you feel hungry.
  •  Don’t eat when there is no hunger.
  •  Being awake when you feel sleepy.
  •  Don’t work when the rest is needed.
  •  Don’t do over hard physical work.
  •  Behave in contrast to the normal thoughts.
  •  Don’t take in excess flavored food (tasty food).
  •  Usage of Tobacco, beedi, cigarette, and consumption of alcohol type of drinks and so on…

The wastes get deposited in the internal organs of the body because of the unnatural diet and habits. We call discretion of waste a disease. Living without violating the nature and allowing the elimination of waste after accumulation is the only way of getting relieved from the diseases.

Disease is  approached   by Acupuncture
Every one of us goes in search of medicines only after getting the disease. We never think of about the root cause of the disease. So all that which is called as disease in the body like all kinds of pains, tumors, irritation, itching, asperity, Allergy whatever it could be it is important that we need to observe only the three things.  

Food Consumption and  Drinking water:
Thirst and appetite (hunger) should naturally be there in human body. The feeling of no thirst, loss of appetite is the first symptoms of the disease. Hence we must first realize whether we have hunger and thirst.

Rest and Sleep:
If the digestion is normal after intake of any food then there shouldn’t be any problem. Sleeplessness and mental stress and getting dreams often, then even this indicates that there is some problem in the internal organs of the body. A normal person requires 6-8 hours sleep.

Elimination of inner organs waste:
Like how food and rest is important for our life, like wise elimination of the waste is also very important. That is if there is any problem in urine, stools, sweat, and in case of women regular menstrual cycles, it is also an important reason indicating the existence of disease.


So the classical formation, pulse diagnosing and natural techniques are the back bone of this treatment. Raaja's AcuArogya is now a popular acupuncture healing home committed to spread this wonderful and traditional drugless treatment to the world community.