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Diabetes - an Acupuncture View

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is the condition of appearance of abnormal sugar in the blood which in turn appears in the urine.

Diabetes in Acupuncture's view

• Sugar (Diabetes) is not at all a disease; it is only an indigestion problem.
• Are you taking drugs, tablets and insulin injections for a long period? 
• Is the sugar level not within control? 
• Have you got BP and CHOLESTEROL along with sugar? 
• Is the dosage of drugs and injection increasing from the initial level? 
• While testing the sugar level is within control. But still do you have all the complications with regard to sugar? 
• Are you exercising without interest for the sake of the doctor’s compulsion? 
• When you are bold enough to take the drugs, tablets and injections then why should you be scared of food? 
• Food is the boon given by nature. Will nature do anything wrong? Will food become poison? 
• Once if you get diabetes disease, is it necessary that you have to take medicines throughout your life time? Then does it mean that the disease cannot be cured throughout your life? Or have you not understood anything about this disease?

Thought for you

• The disease we call as sugar that is Diabetes is a disease that is shattering the whole world as a disease and advertised in such a way threatening people. 
• Here after you need not be worried about the false sayings such as, if you get diabetes disease then you have to be very careful, have to eat “controlled diet”, should be under strict control, if you get any injuries it will not get cured easily, eye sight will be affected, will get heart attack, will have to remove legs, kidneys will get affected, if you have your children even they will get it. 
• Diabetes is not a disease that comes in a day or in a few weeks or in a few months but, appears due to the malfunctioning of our digestive system for 5 to 10 years. 
• Diabetes is not a waterborne or airborne disease. It is not spread through viral or bacterial infections or spread through mosquitos, houseflies or animals or birds. Moreover, it is not a hereditary disease for those who live natural life and normal digestive function. • No one can contradict the fact that the reason for most of the serious issues in the world is usually a little carelessness. Diabetes is a perfect example for this. 
• We all know that diabetes brings all other diseases. So also, we have to accept that if diabetes is treated all other diseases also could be cured. 
• It is commonly accepted that Diabetes is due to the non-secretion of insulin in pancreas. But, does Pancreas stop secretion of insulin all of a sudden……?

Acupuncture views as follows

The malfunctioning of digestive system in our body is the main reason for diabetes. 
Instability of the body, confusions, stomachache, shrinkage of intestines, wheezing, tiredness in face, joint pains etc.
• Uncontrolled food habits. 
• More importance given to taste and consuming more food with pungent, sweet and sour tastes. 
• Eating same kind of food, for a long time continuously without any control. 
• Taking food when there is no appetite and not taking food when there is appetite and Consuming food without chewing it in our mouth or distinguishing the tastes in the tongue. 
• Eating late night. 
• Eating enormous food without considering the digestive capacity. 
• Controlling urine and motion for a long time. 
• Uncontrolled lust and bad habits....... 
• Having prolonged worry, fear, anger, etc. 
• Having negative thoughts....... 
• Having no physical work.

Acupuncture explanations

• The important digestive system is our stomach. Due to weakness i.e. due to the malfunctioning of spleen and colon low quality glucose, the last nutrient from food is produced. Continuous production of low quality glucose causes pancreas to stop secreting insulin. The glucose in the absence of insulin is unable to enter the body cells and the level of glucose increases. 
• The discarded bad Glucose circulates with the blood. We test this bad blood 
• When we take tablets and insulin to control glucose level we inject artificial insulin into the body and make the low quality glucose enter into the body cells without removing it from the body. Now, the sugar level will be within the limits 80 – 120. But, the effects of diabetes will remain. 
• In order to make pancreas to secret insulin, we need to induce spleen. For this, our stomach should get proper digestive capacity. 
• Insulin is given only when the digestion is completely out of order. This is the situation when our body becomes completely addicted to insulin. The effect of insulin will be with us even when we would like to leave insulin.

Blood and Urine Tests

• The insulin level of any human varies 18-20 times in a day. The test is conducted only once with a drop of blood from the blood which flows throughout the body and gets purified every time. How can we say that the treatment based on such a result is correct? 
• Then, the treatment based on the urine test which says 2+, 3+, 4 and 4+ also is not correct. Just think of this. Urine is an excretion of our blood. That is, when the kidney functions properly, it excretes the wastes. The treatment based on analyzing theses wastes is also not correct. Our body will not excrete even a single cell without reason. Urine is a liquid waste from the body. 
• And, you need to understand the fact that no human or test would be able to say that the glucose which is found in the test is good or bad. Now, you must understand that in spite of having sugar level between 300 to 400, if he/she has no difficulty that is good glucose and if one has sugar level between 80–120 and also has other sugar related problems, that sugar is bad one. Our body would excrete that bad sugar through urine. 
• The diabetes patients should excrete urine more. This is the treatment. When we excrete more urine, we become lean and exhausted. For our safety, kidney secretes lifesaving Adrenalin hormone. Now, in order to avoid wastage our pancreas stops secreting insulin. 
• If we become exhausted the Glycogen – concentrated sugar which is saved throughout the body and liver is let into the blood to save our life. Now, the sugar level would be 300-500. Seeing this people would start taking insulin out of fear. That will be the starting of diabetes.
• Even the digestion of water into minerals would be affected by diabetes. Such a state is called diabetes. 
• You need not bother about whether the sugar level is high or low in your blood or urine. 
• Whatever the food we consume is not poison. I.e. The food does not give us disease. If we change our food habit, we can save ourselves from sugar and prevent the disease. 
• The new diseases(the side effects) of taking insulin for diabetes are as follows: 
1. Low sugar level. 
2. Obesity, Blood Pressure (BP). 
3. Bad Cholesterol increases. 
4. Itching on the skin (allergy).
5. Even after taking any level of insulin we will not be able to control the anti-bodies. 
6. Black spots on face and ankle joints. 
7. Our body (kidney and liver) fights to excrete the chemical wastes from our body and this finally ends in dialysis treatment. 
• Diabetes cannot be treated by any medicine or medical methods and it will not be cured. Because it is not a disease but malfunctioning of our digestive system. Only changes in life and orderly life will prevent our body from sugar. Acupuncture can induce more energy to our digestive system and cure diabetes.

Few important guidelines to lead a life without diabetes and its effects

All tablets, medicines, insulin injections have to be stopped. 
• Eat only when you feel hungry. 
• The food should be consumed after munching it well. 
• Water should not be taken while eating. Water could be taken after half an hour. 
• It is better to eat food with all six flavors (tastes). 
• Supper should be taken between 7 and 8. 
• All sweet fruits have to be taken with little control. 
• Stop eating if you get belching while eating. 
• Eat food without any urgency and with lot of patience. 
• No separate physical exercise for diabetes 
• You should think and be clarified of the sayings ‘Eat only when you are hungry’ and ‘If you consume food after munching well you will be able to live 100 years. 
• Avoid drinking water or eating food between 9 and 11 a.m. 
• Avoid eating food while conversing or watching TV or reading a book. 
• Deep sleep is necessary between 11.00pm and 3.00am. 
• No diet or quantity is required. Eat when you are hungry and eat slowly whatever you like till hunger goes off. 
• Don’t check the sugar level in blood or urine. Try to feel the changes and problems in the body. Don’t become depressed out of fear after seeing the test results.