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Small Thing! Big Concept!!

If we can understand the difference between a motor vehicle and a human body, we can understand a secret which gives us an ultimate knowledge about health and happiness.

If a motor vehicle got a problem in its mechanism, it definitely needs an external force to make it work. There is no force inside it to repair its problem. The whole mechanism was created by an external force.

But a human body is not like that. There is a super power force inside that body. That super power created us. That exists from our first breath to till. It converts our foods into muscles. It is giving continuous energy flow to the internal organs even when we slept or unaware. That is the energy we are calling a “supreme soul” which is residing in our body. It always working for our well being.

No big proof needed to prove this. We can understand this from a small example. If we have a small bleeding or injury with a Sharp thing, with out any external force it will start to heal itself. At a time point we can’t find any marks there. So there is something inside our body which always heals and cares it.

But we always thought our body as a machine which is not having any internal power. So we deal our body and its problems same as a motor vehicle. In one way this is an attitude of not respecting god.

So this is a small understanding. If we get this clearly, we can make a healthy and happy life with out any external medical support. If we have any problem in our body we can approach healing methods like Acupuncture, Yoga, Etc., Because these classical healing philosophies are supporting the body’s internal power to get a complete and permanent cure.