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Health benefits of carrot

• Carrot is one of the vegetable that can be taken raw.

• Carrots are good concentrated source of Vitamin A that is beta carotene.

• Calcium content of carrot is six times that of potatoes. The calcium in carrot is easily digestible, so the daily calcium requirements can be met by taking 100gms of carrot daily.

• Best way of eating carrot is to have in raw form. This helps to get all the nutrients in it.

• Chewing carrot helps to strengthen the teeth and it also cleanse the teeth.

• Carrots are excellent for maintaining eyes and skin healthy.

• The digesting time for carrots is very less but it gives the maximum benefits.

• Carrot juices have great medicinal values. It helps to eliminate unwanted uric acid from blood.

• Its very good medicine for gout patients

• A carrot destroys harmful bacteria’s in stomach. It helps in healing intestinal ulcers

• Carrots contain a hormone called ‘cytokinin’. This is a insulin like compound. So carrots are considered useful for diabetes.

• Carrots have good amount of Vitamin E which helps creating resistance against cancer. Daily intake of carrot juices helps to cure cancer.

• Carrots are low calorie food so it helps in weight reduction. It also helps in burning out fat.

• Carrots taken raw or in juice form is highly beneficial, so it is called “A MIRACULOUS VEGETABLE”

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