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The theory is simple,

Macrocosm is microcosm
Microcosm is macrocosm

This is the biggest theory of the world. If we understand this concept deeply, then the healthy and happy life will be on our doorsteps. This theory was the primary life concept of Indian culture. The ancient sages and gurus understood this very nature of the universe very deeply and they applied this for every problem to find a right solution.

Macro means the whole big world. This beautiful world is the mixture of five elements. You can’t find anymore expect these five elements in this huge ball. Micro is human body. According to this wonderful theory, human body is also contained of these five elements. And of course human beings are part of this world. So the human body and the external world are same. We can say like this, human body is the little world.

Each and every natural calamity in this world is caused by the imbalances of the five elements. Earthquake, flood, storm, tsunami, climate changes etc,

Similarly each and every problem in the human body is caused by the imbalances of the five elements which are also inside the human body in the form of organs. (Heart = Fire; Spleen = Earth; Lungs=Air; Kidney = Water; Liver = Space)


When talking about balance, we can have some examples

If the fire energy rises in air, we call it as a heat wave. If the air is filled with lot of water energy we call it as a severe cold wind. Surely we won’t like these both. We all like only the breeze. The breeze means there is a perfect balance between air, fire and water.

Take a wetland. The water energy is high with the earth. Can we use that very wetland for a productive purpose? Moreover if that land is much dried, there is also no use. We need a perfect balanced land to do something useful. So the balance between five elements is good. The imbalance is simply not good.

Similarly in human body we need the perfect balance between the elements is needed for their physical and mental wellness.

If we have imperfect balance in our air element (Lungs) we will have health problems like cold, cough, asthma, skin allergy and mental problems like sorrow, weeping etc,

We will have digestion related problems, diabetes, obesity, muscle disorders if our earth element (Spleen) is imperfect.

Finally the root of each and every problem to the human beings is caused by the imbalances of the five elements. If we balance them, we can find a perfect solution. This is the only way to find a permanent solution. All other solutions are temporary and in that you are removing only the effect. But the cause is still there.

Finding solution with the concept of five element theory will remove the root cause. And removing the root cause for a particular problem is the wise move.


Proper yogic practices like pranayama, kriya, mudras, asanas, cleansing techniques, meditations and adopting the right diets will be the finest solution to balance one’s imbalance of the five elements. And also acupuncture treatment with an expert can give you the root cause solution for all your problems.


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