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Poly cystic Ovaries

Truth about poly cystic kidneys, poly cystic ovaries, poly cystic lungs

Poly cystic Ovaries The meaning of the words Poly cystic Ovaries is Multiple pockets of fluid collection in the ovaries. This directly indicates that there is defective water metabolism in the bodily system. What is defective metabolism? It means water is not properly digested, distributed, utilized and its wastes are excreted; and due to this water accumulates in various organs and tissues and between the cells either as multiple pockets or distributed uniformly. If it is uniformly accumulating then we see the generalized water logging, partly catering to obesity. Even blood is water loaded and pressure is increased as the blood volume increases; allopathy will give drugs to beat up the kidneys so that it increases water excretion from the blood i.e. urine excretion is increased to reduce blood pressure. Yet the allopathy is a terrible failure in either controlling or curing BP with these drugs. The reason why allopathy is a failure either to control or to cure BP is they roughly deal with the disease without understanding the causes for the diseases in general, leave alone high blood pressure. Why water logging took place in the first place is what we must understand and thereafter setting right the cause shall be the treatment. But what allopathy does is unnecessarily drugging the kidneys to alter its function so as to eliminate water from the body fluids by damaging it and deranging its normal activity. Why should they drug the kidneys when they are very normally functioning and spoil its physiologically healthy status? This is where the kidney failure becomes inevitable in the future any time from the moment the allopathic drugs are administered for any disease. Nowadays it is inevitable to save the people from kidney failure unless the modern medicine is eliminated as health system world wide. What is to be done now is to analyze the reason for water logging and simply set it right. Whatever we eat or drink must be digested to individuals suitability so that it is duly absorbed, utilized and naturalized to his self; and whatever element in the food or drink is not suitable to ones nature will be eliminated as wastes. Observe the last sentence very carefully. Every food one eats is naturalized so that its energy becomes his self. Thus all biological foods are agreeable to the humans and all inorganic chemicals like vitamins, calcium, iron, fluorine, chlorine, magnesium, zinc and such minerals are very poisonous to the self energy. Avoid all these toxic substances of modern medicine to boost your life energy with each feeding. As the life energy falls due to such drugging your breathing capacity weakens; and lack of oxygenation supervenes; once oxygen level fall the first to suffer is water metabolism. Improper digestion of water is not assimilated so that its wastes are not differentiated and as a result the water with its wastes gets accumulated in ones tissues either locally developing into cysts; or uniform bloating of the body. According to the situation of this water logging the condition is termed as poly cystic kidneys, poly cystic ovaries, poly cystic lungs etc. Now all of you are better doctors for you had understood the reason for the condition called Poly cystic Ovaries or whatever. So the Doctors in Obstetrics and Gynaecology D.O.Gs are fakes for want of knowledge to reason out the cause for polycystic ovaries. Now what to do? Let the process of elimination of water start and this will happen in 24 hours so for one whole day there is no consumption of water or food intake to assist this process; then on the second day take sips of water wetting your lips first each time you take water into your mouth and then keep it for a few seconds all the wetting the lips before swallowing it. Wetting the lips is very important for lips are the major organs to indicate to you about the need for water by becoming dry. Unless the water first touches the lips before swallowing, there is no water digestion; never take cool drinks or ice cold items or too hot foods; all sour tasting fruits and food are to be avoided in general; and very crispy items are to be avoided for they possess too much heat. If you leave such items in the open air, because of its heat all the moisture in the air absorbed into it and as a result the crispy items becomes like water logged e.g. biscuits, chips. If such foods are eaten, then the same water logging will develop and will complicate and aggravate the existing polycystic diseases. There is nothing to worry now; wait for the results patiently and confidently. Seek for more wisdom like the one you had read from the Almighty; and seek patience too, for without His admission you cannot be at peace. You are bound to improve from this day onwards.