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All about sleep!

Food and sleep are being the cause and solution for number of diseases in the world. No disease will come to us when we observe regulatory on that. Here are some key understandings about sleep.

Sleeping from 9pm to 12pm:

Sleeping between this time can give us deep sleep up to 80% to 90% and can get relaxation equivalent to three hour’s of sleep in just one hour. The sad reality is many people do not enjoy this timing of sleep fruiting complete refreshment. 

Sleeping from 12am to 3am:

This is exactly the leisure time of liver, the most important organ in our body. Those who usually avoid sleep at this period of timings must realize that they are creating massive detriment on their health. This particular time’s sleeplessness will cause hyperthermia, physical fatigue, attitudes of extreme anger, and inferiority, etc,

Sleeping from 3am to 5am:

This period of time is for wakeup from sleep as per the law of human physical nature. Here the contradiction is many people begin their sleep at this time, as the universe provides our lungs pure oxygen.

Work and family environments may be the barriers to regulate our sleep. That cannot be avoided. But we can get involved in compensational efforts (Acupuncture awareness, Changes in diet, yoga, meditation, relaxation, etc,) for our health and wellbeing.