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Going barefoot is good for health! Why?

While shoes have offered a sense of convenience to our everyday lives, they've also removed us from our direct connection to mother nature. The earth's surface is like a natural power source, keeping us nurtured and thriving. Nearly every part of our existence today is insulated, synthetic and removed from the earth's natural healing touch.

Only in recent years have we begun to realize the detrimental impact of this disconnect. As a result, an effort has been placed to re-establish a barefoot lifestyle much like our ancestors, as organically as possible.

Research indicates that maintaining a direct connection between your feet and Earth's surface, may be beneficial to your health. When you're barefoot, your body is able to absorb Earth's limitless supply of free electrons. These electrons serve the function of antioxidants by stabilizing rampant, unhealthy free radicals in your body. As a result, you help decrease your body's chances of growing inflammation, degenerative diseases and other health ailments. Moreover, you feel good.

This age-old concept is becoming more commonly known as Earthing and has found its way into our nation's spas, resorts and even doctors' offices.

Although our efforts may be delayed, many cultures and societies have always upheld the barefoot lifestyle to a high regard. They appreciated and interacted with the earth, recognizing its necessary presence in our lives.

The Chinese for instance, place emphasis on Qi  the essence of all natural, living things. Earth Qi are those patterns of energy and Earth's magnetic fields (i.e. all humans, plants and animals have their own field of Qi). When humans or any other living animal is barefoot, it is capable of absorbing Earth Qi.

We must realize the truth in it and we should implement this in our day to day life activities.