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The Common Cold - Part 1

Our body only does two functions namely consume and excrete. Food, water and air we inhale, are consumption; faeces, urine, sweat and the air we exhale are excreted from the body. This is the prime and natural mechanism of the body.

As far as the mechanism of excretion is concerned, we need to clearly understand that the body excretes only the substances that harm the body or that are incompatible with the body. The body prohibits excretion of any beneficial substances to a cellular level. Let us categorize the waste excreted from the body into normal waste and stagnant waste. Ifnormal wastes, such as faeces. urine, exhaled air and sweat leave the body, we do not experience problems. However, when stagnant wastes leave the body, we experience troubles depending on the severity of the waste. We call these troubles reality, they are not diseases. We have to realize that it, actually, is a form excretion to benefit the body.

The first form of such wastes is phlegm. If we allow its excretion at an early stage, there would not be any toxic stagnation in our body. To control the excretion of phlegm is like opening a doorway for diseases.

The birth place of phlegm and other such wastes is improper digestion. To eat when we are not hungry, eating till our stomach overflows, using too much of ground spice condiments in our food, gobbling the food without chewing or tasting the food, talking or watching television while eating; are the basic mistakes that tend to make our digestive organs work in addition to its regular capacity.

Since our digestive organs are unable to work beyond their capacity, there is backlog of digestion. We call those wastes in our body. To excrete even those wastes, our body attempts to choose a way that is natural and comfortable. However, due to prolonged irregular food consumption, the normal waste turn in to stagnant waste.

In accordance to the characteristics of the waste, our body excretes through various organs. The stagnant waste that is excreted from lungs via the nose is what we call phlegm. When we block the excretion of phlegm from our body, it strengthens into sputum and attempts to exit the body. When we block even the sputum from getting excreted, it turns into cough and attempts to exit the body with force. When cough syrups prevent even this excretion, in order to leave the body at any cost, the phlegm takes various forms. We recognize these forms as various lung diseases. In this part, we need to understand that the prohibition of phlegm's excretion leads to the spreading of diseases.

It is acceptable to lean in to temporary remedies for in an emergency. However, we have to understand that for a lasting cure excretion of stagnant wastes is imperative.