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The Common Cold - Part 2

The natural activities of the body namely 1.consumption and 2.excretion is not simultaneously done by our body. During the process of consumption, excretion does not happen. Similarly, during excretion, our body does not invoke any requirement for consumption. Meaning we do not feel hunger or thirst; or it will be minimal.

We have now realized that common cold is an excretory action performed by the body. In order to excrete the waste, our body utilises the energy reserved for consumption and digestion, for the process of excretion. This is the sole reason for the tiredness we experience when we catch a cold.

Therefore, when we catch a cold, we have to primarily concentrate on our hunger. We have to eat only if hungry. Further, consumption of liquid food (soup) instead of solid food is better. (Dry ginger coffee, holy basil coffee, mutton soup, vegetable soups are some examples of liquid food. Milk and milk products are to be shunned from consumption.)

The next vital activity is resting. When we rest, excretion is quicker. By closing all the ways of energy exertion, we can conserve energy for the body. Therefore, we can recover quicker than usual. What about the people whose work environment restricts sleep and rest? The energy to perform mental activities and to excrete, is provided by our life force. Considering the health of the body, our life force prioritizes excretion of wastes, to other mental and physical activities. Investing all its energy, the life force aids the excretion of stagnant waste.

We have to realize that rest is imperative during the excretion of such waste in the form of common cold or fever. By resting, we stop mental and physical activities and cooperate with the excretion process of the body. Hence, we heal quickly.We could rest in various ways. Sleep is the primary form of rest. What could we do if we work in an environment that restricts sleep? We could avoid physical and mental activities. Rest is reduction of mental and physical activities to a very minimal level. We could do that even without sleeping. How?

Irrespective of the line of work, when you are not required to work (break), rest your eyes. When our eyes are closed, energy exerted is reduced to a great extent. When your eyes need not work, you could close your eyes, even if it is for only a minute. We could get a many such minutes when our eyes need not be used. With these little shut eye minutes, we could, definitely, conserve a large amount of comfortable rest for our body. Instead of brooding over lack of rest time, let us attempt such small endeavours.

Phlegm (Common cold) is a waste that needs to be excreted off the body. Allowing it to exit the body is the most appropriate way to cure common cold. Phlegm is the prime form of stagnant wastes in the body. Prohibiting it from leaving the body would form a base of respiratory diseases.During common cold, fever and other such excretory activities of the body, activities of consumption such as hunger and thirst are minimal. Hence, in such times, avoiding food or consuming simple liquid food and abundant rest is recommended.

Insufficient digestion is the prime and the most important reason for stagnant waste accumulation in the body. Habits such as eating when not hungry, gobbling food, adding lot of taste and ground spice condiments to food, are the basic factors that hinder digestion. Avoiding milk and milk products by a large extent is one of the most important activities forpeople prone to common cold. Daily consumption of holy basil, black pepper, ginger is recommended.

We have to realize that a proper acupuncture therapy, definitely, aids severely in relieving respiratory disorders and protecting our health.If we have such basic understanding, common cold would always be a comfortable journey, on all terrains.