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Common Fever

Fever refers to a condition of the body in which the temperature goes beyond the normal. It is also characterized by disturbance in normal functioning of the system. It is a common ailment which occurs both in children and adults.
The term fever has a very wider application. It is the symptoms of a body’s fight against infection. It is the one of the most common features of several diseases. In many cases, it is a secondary symptom of the disordered state of the body with which it is associated.

The real cause of all fevers, including common fever, however, is accumulation of morbid matter in the system due to wrong feeding habits and unhygienic conditions of living. Fever is thus, a natural attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of toxic matter. It is not the result of germ infection, as is generally believed. If it was true, all persons exposed to an infection should get it.

Fever being a natural healing crisis, it should be helped to run its normal course. Any interference with this natural process by administration of drugs will only enable the body to retain the morbid matter which caused this condition. If dealt with in natural way, the common fever, where there are no complications, will subside in two or three days.
Fever is not considered as a disease. It is only the most essential resistance power necessary for the body. In the event of discharge of waste products that gets accumulated in our blood, by oxygen and when white blood cells in our blood fights with the infection bacteria we are getting fever. 
Whenever we get fever, the active immunity in our body starts functioning in an exert way against the chronic problems in our body. By whatever name you call the fever, it is very necessary to wait patiently till the fever subsides by itself by giving rest to the body.

Things that everyone should follow for getting the fever cured without any medicines: 

  • Only if the fever is very high then wipe with the wet cloth on the forehead, armpit and lower abdomen. 
  • Till you feel very thirsty need not drink even a single mouthful of water? It is enough to wet the lips with water when it gets dry or else it is enough if you goggle. 
  • When you have normal thirst, drink a measure of water. 
  • When you feel hungry take rice porridge and from the next time eat food in an orderly manner. 
  • For two, three days should strictly avoid food like milk, tea, coffee, Horlicks etc. 
  • If everyone from a New born baby to adult follows the above mentioned methods when they have fever, then you will have no place to speak about any disease in your lifetime.