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Eye Disorder (Liver is the cause) :

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Any disease in the liver causes major assault in the eyes and it is this reflection as signs and symptoms of the liver disease in the eyes is the important parameter to safeguard the health of the liver throughout one's life. If one is inclined to eat a lot of sourish food then he must stop consuming it totally; normally the people add punch to the cooking by adding vinegar, lemon, tamarind, unripe tomato, mango to mention a few. All these are too strong a liver stimulant to put down the liver function to a great extent. As a result of this, we shall note the following signs. The first sign is the development of muscle weakness throughout the body. Since the eye muscles are the weakest of all musculature in the body, the effects of the liver weakness is most immediate and pronounced in the eye muscles and they start suffering the accommodation defect to distant and near vision. Now think of all the possibilities of the muscle weakness in the entire body and your immediate diagnosis is the liver.