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Masturbation is the meanest way to get out of the most indecent satanic influence. But with most it has become the habit at any moment of free time. For every excess there is a resting period. You are now in the resting period and the sperm production will resume after this brake. It is time for respite and to free your mind from fantasies of false sexual pleasure. But for His help it is impossible to unshackle your mind of this evil possession. As long as you seek Gods help even as you involve in this habit there is no sin on you. Never try hard to get rid off this situation by yourself without seeking His help all the time. Very surely your mind will be cleansed of this satanic possession by Him so beautifully that you will have neither mood for it nor will your heart have room for it when you become pure in the very near future.

When Gods help comes to you, you will not have erection for a few weeks to a few months: not in the least it shall bother you; and further your sex organ shall even become very small and let this pass in its own natural way. It is not a grievance at all to brood over. Least said, soonest mended. Do not be frightened at this and never keep on checking your potency. For this, a lean period of rest is a must and of utmost necessity. This period of rest is a blessing upon you by the Caretaker, your Creator.

You must know that from your birth it takes a minimum of 12 years before a single sperm is produced in you. Because you have masturbated and exhausted it dry, let it regain its lost strength and you will have to wait before it resumes its function all over again which is bound to happen in its own time.