The only acupuncture clinic operating in major metropolitan cities like chennai bangalore hyderabad and madurai in India

Without medicine, Root cause cure for - Diabetes, Blood pressure, Thyroid, Obesity, Eye disorder, Infertily, Skin problems

Relief from all Painful Disorders :

The general tip is no medicine can cure any bodily ailment or diseases to make the information clear. Stop doing exercises if you have been doing it. Relax as much as possible in a very convenient and comfortable position in which you have least pain. Any painful condition to get healed by nature all you have to do is to stop all sourish foods such as lime, vinegar. And when the pain is worst, no food for 24 hours except sips of water and absolute rest as said above. Then after 24 hours you can start taking little by little your usual diet. But take care not to eat the sourish and the crispy foods like biscuits, chips etc,

The cure is this simple for any pain for this is the wisdom and not knowledge from the books. When you are alright report in this forum.