Single Needle classical Acupuncture is a natural scientific treatment method.


Many people try Acupuncture as a ” last try ” to serious and chronical problems


While undergoing this treatment patients and their family members are getting health awareness


What are the diseases that can be cured by acupuncture treatment?
What is the specialty of this treatment?
What is the period for cure, for a disease, in acupuncture?
Without taking tests how do we know we have cured?

Why Us?

Its Very simple and greatest
One minute pulse testing, only one point, one minute treatment, this is the proper and complete Acuarogya’s method of treatment.

Once we find the path we can

If you want to  cure any disease you should first know the root cause of that disease and should cure that.

Teaching how medicine not need it

A person’s Health , Character and Success depends on the strength and weakness of his Heart, Stomach, Lungs, Kidney  and Liver’s vital energies.

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