Dr. Pon Raaja


Dr.Pon. Raaja is a qualified Acupuncturist, who spent 4 years of studying Acupuncture, from the very basics to the advanced stages.He has also done Under graduation and post-graduation in Yoga and Naturopathy. As well as he has completed Doctorate in Alternative Medicine (Acupuncture-Naturopathy-Diet ).

The notable quality of Dr. Pon.Raaja is “character pulse analysing diagnosis” through the philosophies of Acupuncture. The method has now become popular and has been branded as his diagnosing method, which assured better results to his patients. It is with these practices that he is seeing newer heights of success in every moment of his consultation.

Another attractive quality of Dr Pon. Raaja is, he can converse fluently in several Indian regional languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and in the most commonly used language, English too. When patients converse in their own language, they can discuss their problems at more ease and thus, share a comfortable ratio.

On the whole, Dr.Pon.Raaja is a visionary Acupuncturist. His vision and mission is to give the people of this world a wonderful therapy of healing for their physical and mental well-being.

Acupuncture Life Science Consultants

  • Dr. Pon. Raaja,M.Sc(Y.N)., Ph.D (AM).
  • Dr. R Vittya, M.Sc(psy).,M.Acu.,AD.Acu.,

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